Why I Include an Engagement Session with my Wedding Packages


Hey everyone! Hope y’all are having an awesome week so far! I just wanted to pop on here and share a couple things about engagement sessions and why I include them with all my wedding packages. Cool? haha Cool.

So there are a couple reasons why I always include an engagement session for all my couples who book me as their wedding photographer. But first, come couples might not know what the engagement session is really for…

Most couples use engagement photos for their wedding website, save the date cards, and to use the photos as their ‘announcement’ on social media platforms or email chains. So most of the time, engagement sessions are done at least 6 months ahead (thats normally when you send out your save the dates). But every couple and wedding set up is different; I’m just giving you the low-down.

Anyway!! Here are my reasons for always including an engagement session in my wedding packages:

#1) We get to know each other!

Your wedding photographer is the one vendor out of your whole wedding that you spend the most time with. They are following you around all day, making sure you look as awesome as possible, etc, so you definitely want to hang and chat often with your photographer to make sure you vibe well together. I love hanging out with my couples and getting to know them and their love story.

To me, it’s SO important you pick up on the couple’s vibe and how they love on each other so you’re not making them get into awkward poses or end up getting uncomfortable at all. It’s fun for me to read my couples and get a sense of what they like to do together and fun things, too, like does he like to kiss her noes a lot, or snuggle into her neck, or even not comfortable kissing in front of people at all! Everyone is different so I always like to spend time with my couple before their wedding day.

#2) We’re capturing your engagement!

This is your only time when you two are engaged, getting amped up and excited about getting married and get to capture those emotions. Or so they say haha It’s fun to go on an adventure that best represents your couple and get a feel for how they are feeling in the moment. Engagement sessions are supposed to be fun and filled with butterflies, those moments thats like “oh crap! We’re getting married! It’s getting more real!” so engagement sessions are supposed to represent those excited and ‘butterfly’ feelings.

#3) You get to see my shooting style

Once my couples hang with me on their engagement session, their wedding day is a breeze! Not only do we know each other even better, but they understand my shooting style. I consider myself to be very hands-off photographer and let my couple be adorable together. I of course give them some prompts and some poses to get started, but it’s where they fall into the pose is where the magic happens. Hearing how I pose my couples, what I look for, how to melt together, my couples just know who I am as a creative and are comfortable in front of my camera and know to just be who they are.

#4) You’re way more comfortable

When you’ve worked with a photographer before and know their shooting style, you get a lot more comfortable with them and not as awkward. So, I offer engagement sessions with my couples who book me because then, come their wedding day, they are a LOT more comfortable with me and are even more melty together. They just jump right into each others arms and we make magic. We just jump right into photos and they are just more comfortable with me after hanging out on an engagement session adventure and are stoked to hang out again at their wedding day.

So there you have it, folks! My top 4 reasons why I always include an engagement session with my wedding day packages. I seriously love engagement sessions and always love adventuring into the beautiful PNW with seriously the cutest couples.

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Happy Bridal Banter day, friends! Peace!

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