For The Guys: How to Tie a Tie & Put on your Boutonniere


Alright, men! Today’s Bridal Banter is all about you guys! Probably the biggest and most time consuming part of having the men get ready for the wedding day are these two simple things: no one knows how to tie a tie AND no one knows how to put on a Boutonniere!!

As the wedding photographer, I feel like it’s my duty to inform you men about these two very important things for your wedding day preparation. Every. Single. Wedding… I am asked if I know these two things.

So today, I’m going to help y’all prepare for getting ready on your wedding day so everyone is ready to go on time and looking dashing. Ready?

Alright, FIRST! How to tie a tie.

Now at least someone in the groomsmen team or family members know how to tie a tie. But in case you don’t, here is a super helpful basic video for you to watch and memorize.

Of Note: It would be super helpful to watch this video and then tie your wedding tie, and already have it ready to go so come the day of your wedding, it just needs to be tightened. YAY!

Second: How to put on your boutonniere.

Every wedding I am the photographer at, I am always with the guys before pictures trying to put on their boutonnieres. Not kidding!! It’s become another job to my already wedding photographer job! haha

Of note: The boutonniere goes on the LEFT lapel. Not the right, the LEFT side. HOWEVER: if you are standing (facing the altar), if you men are standing on the left side of the altar, then y’all need to put it on the right lapel of your jacket, shoulder, vest, etc. This is so the boutonnieres are showing in photos as you all are standing up for the ceremony. Traditionally, the men are on the right side of the altar (again, from your audience’s perspective) and the ladies are on the left.

Ok guys, now please please please please watch these BEFORE your wedding day :) I will gladly step in if you forget these two things, but you can always bookmark this blog post and refer to it the day of.

Hope this helps too, brides, for seeing where some further preparation is needed for the men. Bam!

Happy Bridal Banter day, friends!!