Online Photo List Trend That’s So Not Cool 


Hey everyone! Happy Bridal Banter Day! 

Today, I’m here to chat about this one not cool thing that I see as a trend in the wedding photography industry: and that is… when brides give their photographers a whole entire wedding day photo list they found online. 

Now, is not a bad thing to want everything covered, but the truth is, if a bride finds these random photo lists that cover literally… LITERALLY… everything anyone could ever image that they want a photo of on their wedding day, then there are going to be a couple issues. 

Issue #1) Your photographer already knows what to capture. 

Hopefully, you’re hiring a professional wedding photographer who has plenty of experience in photographing weddings and not someone who is a cousin of someone with a nice-nice-fish camera. So, if you’re hiring someone who has been around the block and does this for a living, you can trust that they know what they are doing and will capture literally everything a wedding day entails. 

When you give your professional photographer this online photo list, sometimes it makes your photographer feel like you don’t trust them to cover everything. When you make a list so detailed that it’s not coming from you, the photographer might feel trapped to this list, wont have any creative freedom, and might stress them out a little trying to make sure everything is covered. 

Issue #2) This online list might not line up with your actual wedding day. 

I’ve seen some online lists say they want the wedding party to see the first look and have the photographer capture their reactions. Okay, so the photographer has to capture the groom’s first look (which is what this moment is for) AND the wedding party’s reactions at the same time. Interesting. 

Some online lists have wedding details and accessories that the bride doesn’t even want. So most of the time, brides find this online, trust what other people have put together instead of their photographer, and you’re spending more time going over what you want and discussing what shots you want with your photographer, rather than other things. 

So overall, this is just my two cents and what I’m seeing in the wedding photography industry. Be sure to go over any important shots you are wanting with your photographer and trust they know what they are doing, rather than an online photo list you found on Pinterest. 

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions or anything on your mind about this topic! 

Happy BB, friends!