Changing Your Name (and freebie checklist!)


Alright Ladies!! This one is for YOU!

The thought of changing your name to your new spouse’s last name can really seem intimidating. But today on the banter, I’m gonna help you guys feel at ease with the whole process and relaxed. It’s really easy, just time consuming!

Today is also a freebie day!! WOOP WOOP! Today, you can print out this little check list of all the things you have to change for your new name to be everywhere so when you’re married, you can just check things off as you go!


~To start: in order for you to change your name, you’ll have to show proof of your marriage. So make sure to get multiple copies of your marriage license/ certificate to show proof. Most court houses that provide these charge maybe $3-5 for copies, but it’s totally worth it. They also have to have the court house seal on it, so if you make your own copies, it might not be accepted. Contact your local court office where you purchased your marriage license to ask for copies.

~You also want to get your drivers license updated ASAP! That will also be your second proof of name change. All you need for that is a marriage license.

You’ll need to bring the following:

1) Current Drivers license

2) marriage license

3) Proof of residency (if required by your state) like a bill or mail with your name and address on it

4) money to pay for your new drivers license

5) receipt from your SS office just in case your new SS card hasn’t come in the mail yet.

~You are going to want to go to your nearest Social Security Office to get a new SS card. You can search where your local office is here.

When you go to the SS office, you need to bring some ID stuff. Make sure to bring the following:

1) birth certificate/ proof of citizenship

2)drivers license

3) current SS card

4) proof of name change like your marriage license

Getting your new drivers license, SS card, and even the marriage license copies can take a couple days to get to you in the mail. So start with those 3 things and then you can smooth sail into the other things!

Once you have your marriage license, new drivers license, and SS card, you are good to go to update your last name on the other important places.

I know it seems scary, but once you get the big ones out of the way, you’re good. Just have to take the time to either call, or visit these places during business hours to change things over. Most businesses will then email you or mail you a letter confirming the name change. Hold on to those letters/ emails once you get them in case something happens where it didn’t change.

So print out the freebie, keep it nearby, and just treat it like a to-do list. Remember, you have plenty of time to change your name after you get married so don’t get stressed about it. It will take time and a whole lot of patience. For me, the process took about a month to complete everything and make sure all the changes were made. If you have a M-F job, maybe even take a day off just to visit all these places and get ISH done! lol

Anyway, hope this Banter post today was helpful and can give you a little more breathing room for changing your name.

Happy Bridal Banter Day, amigos! Cheers!

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