Why You Need a Customized Wedding Dress Hanger


This one detail most of the time goes missed. And understandably so since you as a bride have a ton of different things to plan and organize before your big day! This one detail tho, will be totally worth it. 

I was on the fence about getting a customized wedding dress hanger for a long time, just thinking that there are other details that need more attention and stuff, but I am SO glad I took the plunge and got my hanger. 

You’re going to want to get a customized hanger for your wedding dress because:

Your photographer will definitely take photos of your dress hanging up and it looks SO much better with a cute hanger with your Mrs. name on it. FOR REALS! 

You could consider also getting a nice hanger for your dress, and then cute fun wooden hangers for your bride squad just so when all your hangers are hanging together, it all looks uniform and looking so fiiiiiine. 

As a photographer, I can’t stress enough how much more your wedding dress will look so good with a special hanger. Having a regular hanger looks a little weird in the photos. Some hangers I’ve photographed even have those shoulder padding on both sides and it just takes away from the gorgeous, carefully picked out wedding dress. 

I would 100% get a wedding dress hanger for the sake of pictures haha But also, I still have my hanger in our closet and every time I look at it, it reminds me of my dress and our wedding day. I have an awesome photo of my dress with the “Mrs. Brown” hanger in our wedding gallery and to me, it just looks 10000 times better than a normal regular hanger. 

They are not even that expensive either! 

Here is the one I got on Etsy. So adorable and there are so many options to make your wedding hanger uniquely yours. 

So if you were on the fence about getting a wedding hanger with your married name on it, I hope this helps persuade you to go for it!  You will not regret it! 

Happy Bridal Banter day! 

Sarah Jane BrownComment