What Do Bridesmaids Actually Pay For? 


Ever confused about who pays for what for your wedding expenses? When you’re the bride, and groom for that matter, you end up paying for a lot during the wedding and everything you want; but did you know there is a certain protocol with Bridesmaids and what they actually pay for? 

Today on the Banter, we’re breaking down what expenses are actually traditionally paid for by the bridesmaid and what is traditionally paid for by the bride. Now, you can do whatever you want and if you want to pay for everything, by all means! This list is simply what industry standards and trends are telling us. 

Here we go! 

What the Bride Pays for: 

  • Bouquets, corsages, and other floral arrangements. Normally, the bride and/or her family are expected to pay for all the florals and usually, the bride doesn’t make the bridesmaids pay for their own bouquets. 

  • Hair and Makeup: This is a little tricky to ask about, but traditionally, if you want your bridesmaids to have professional hair and make up done, the bride is usually the one to pay for that. If you’re okay with having your bridesmaids do their own hair and make up, then that saves you a little bit of money and possibly less travel time from the salon to your venue. 

What the Bridesmaids Pay for: 

  • Their own bridesmaids dresses, shoes, etc: Now some weddings are a lot smaller and the bride might be able to pay for one or two bridesmaids dresses, but traditionally, the girls have to pay for their own gowns, shoes, and any other accessories you want them to wear. Most of the time, the bride gives gifts of earrings or some jewelry the day of the wedding, but if not, bridesmaids pay for those themselves. 

  • Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Party: Depending on who’s hosting the shower, might be the mother of the bride/groom, the bridal party is expected to help fund the shower. Same with the bachelorette. Traditionally, the bride does not have to pay for the hotel costs or food. Bridesmaids also traditionally pay for any gifts given to the bride at the shower or bachelorette. Think about going in on something big like a trip to Vegas instead of little gifts, that way all the bridesmaids can chip in for one big gift. But for these parties, the bridesmaids are expected to pay for the venue, food, decorations, activities, drinks, etc. 

Well, there you have it! Hope that helps figure out who pays for what when it comes to your wedding party. 

Again, these are just traditions that are trending and are what the wedding industry see’s. 

Happy SJ’s Bridal Banter day! 

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