Choosing Your Wedding Color Palette


Some brides already have their wedding colors in mind when they start to think about the theme and style of their wedding day details, but for those who are starting out and not sure where to begin with choosing your wedding colors/ palettes, this blog post is for you! 

Some things to consider when choosing your palette: 

  1. The Season you’re getting married in 

  2. What are your favorite colors/ what are your partners favorite colors 

  3. What pops out at you when you go on Pinterest 

Pinterest is seriously the best tool you could use to get an idea of not only everything related to your wedding, but also for your palette. You can see a wide range of trendy wedding palettes on Pinterest and what goes with it like florals, decor, etc. 

One awesome article I found about Wedding Color Trends is on MagnetStreet. Click here to check it out. 

There, you can find all sorts of awesome color schemes that look bomb and gorgeous! 

So where to start?

Get on Pinterest and see what pops out at you. What looks the most appealing to you and how you could implement the scheme you love. 

Another idea, you can stop by your local Lowes or Home Depot in the pain section and pick some of your favorite colors. Put them all together and then see what works for you and what doesn’t. Keep in mind, you’ll have green in your florals so make sure your palette works with the greenery. 

I’ve also put together a Pinterest board made just for Wedding Palette inspiration! Check it out here.

Hope that helps with figuring out your wedding color palette! Happy Pinning! 

Sarah Jane BrownComment