3 Ways To Save Big for your Dream Wedding


Somethings that are never told to you when you’re planning your wedding is that its going to cost a crap load! You know from the start that venues, catering, and other bigger vendors will be a little costly, but worth every penny. However, if you’re good with spending your hard earned money on the most important ‘bigger’ vendors for your wedding day, you can totally save some cash on the following 3 things:

#1) Get Married during the Off Season

This is becoming more and more of a trend. Couples are saving money by planning their wedding to be in the off season of the normal ‘wedding season’. They are selecting a date between November-February to save a little cash. During these off months, mosts vendors have lower costs, venues are not charging as much simply because it’s not their peak season, etc. You can skip the hot season in the summer and cool down with something a little out of the ordinary. Venues have heaters these days so if you’re worried about the cold, ask about heaters, indoor ceremony locations, hot food for your guests, and maybe even some cozy blankets to snuggle up into.

#2) Don’t get married on the Weekend

It’s traditionally known that wedding days are usually on a Saturday. Most couples love some venues that can give them extra time on Friday and Sunday for set up/ clean up. However, did you know that if you got married on a Friday or a Sunday that venues have cheaper rates? Same with some other vendors! If you plan on a Wednesday wedding or even a Friday wedding, you could be saving some serious cash!

#3) Have a lower guest count

You do not have to invite everyone you have ever known. When we were planning our wedding and figuring out who to invite to our wedding, we realized that some people we had on our list; we haven’t even talked to them in over a year. Family is the exception, but if there are people you haven’t talked to in years, you should not feel obligated to invite them. Same with people you don’t like haha That should go without saying, but if there are people you just don’t want to see on your wedding day, then don’t feel like you have to invite them also. On another note, having a lower guest count will also lower your catering head count, amount of centerpieces or amount of floral arrangements you’ll have to make/order, and less dessert you’ll have to provide. Less drinks, less napkins, and maybe even a shorter wedding. Having a shorter wedding is certainly not a bad thing! If it’s shorter with fewer amount of people hanging around, maybe the DJ doesn’t have to be rented for as long. Maybe the venue will have shorter rates. So many options that might be worth looking into.

And there you have it, friends! Just a few things that could totally help you save on your wedding this season!

Until next time, happy Bridal Banter Wednesday!! Woopwoop!

Sarah Jane BrownComment