3 Wedding Traditions that are Not So Traditional Anymore

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There are so many new traditions and variations of traditions within the wedding industry. And think about it- you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do for your wedding. You can do whatever your heart feels like and what best represents your relationship with each other to make your wedding day yours. 

So today on the banter, we’re chatting about 4 traditions that are not so traditional anymore and that are always an option for your wedding day plans. 

#1) Seeing the bride for the first time down the aisle. 

Now, a lot of people still do this! Don’t think that this is a bad thing, it is still super romantic, just not required any more. More often than not, couples now have ‘first looks’ where they meet privately somewhere alone and see each other all dressed up for the first time. It’s a gorgeous moment I absolutely love because it gives the couple a private moment before walking down the aisle, and if the groom gets super emotional, this is a chance he can get super emotional at the look of his bride in private instead of in front of all their friends and family. I love first looks also, from a wedding photographer position, that it allows photographers to get some more bridal portraits of you two and maybe also get family pictures and bridal party pictures done- just depends how you set your wedding day up. 

#2) The Garter & Bouquet Toss

A lot of couples are now not doing garter tosses any more. Right?! Most traditional weddings always have the garter toss and bouquet toss, but in more recent modern weddings, the couple just chooses not to include those events during the wedding day. Some reasons might be the groom just doesn’t want to get under his brides dress to get the garter in front of his family, they would rather dance and hang out with people then get pulled away to do these events, maybe the bride didn’t get a tossing bouquet, or any other reasons. Seriously guys, you don’t have to have these events at your wedding. Most couples think they need to, but really, you can do whatever you want! I’ve been to a lot of weddings and elopements where they don’t do either of these just because they don’t want to or they’d rather spend time with their guests. It is totally optional! 

#3) Providing a Dress Code 

Its tradition to tell your guests via your wedding invitation how to dress. Wether thats casual, business casual, fancy, black tie, whatever the dress code may be, nowadays, you don’t have to tell your guests what to wear any more. 

When I was planning our wedding, a TON of our guests would message me beforehand asking how they should dress. It was kind of stressful with how many people were asking me, so I could see why you might want to include the dress code on the invite. But these days, it’s not required or traditional anymore. 

Most guests now look up the venue, see what style it is. Even seeing the invitation style helps them see what level of fancy-ness (if you will) that you’ll need to dress as. 

But trending now, is that you don’t need to tell them what to wear. Couples are letting their guests just figure it out and fend for themselves. There is a lot of pressure on what to wear to weddings, but you cant go wrong with a cute dress and a cardigan for the ladies and some nice dress slacks and collared shirt for the gentlemen. 

And there you have it! 3 traditions that are not so traditional any more. If there is one thing that I want to instill in you today is that you don’t have to do anything on your wedding day that you don’t want to. You can make up fun new events if you want! Don’t be afraid to be different. Your wedding day is all about YOU and your love for each other- so make it about you. 

Hope this helps with deciding some things with wedding planning! If you have any questions about these topics or know of other traditions you’re unsure about, feel free to email me and we’ll chat! 

Happy Bridal Banter, friends! 

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