One Big Tip to Organize your Wedding Decorations


I get it, you are planning your wedding and there are SO many things you want there to decorate your wedding day to perfection. You’ve got your Pinterest boards full of beautiful, breathtaking images that hope to become reality for your big day. But one thing you have to keep in mind when it comes to decorations... you have to keep it all organized!!

Today on the Banter I’m going to share with you wedding planners out there one way to keep all your decorations organized and how to make sure they are placed exactly the way you want them to look like.

First things first, get a Google Sheet going! When I was planning our wedding, I used Google Docs like CRAZY! That way, I have access to them on my phone, iPad, and any computer that's logged into my Gmail. I am a huge advocate of Google sheets just because they are SO easy to use and keeps things organized and accessible for anywhere you go.

Okay, so you have your Google Sheet, next you want to organize by what decorations go where. For those who need a visual reference, I’ve included a PDF of our decorations sheet that we used for our wedding so the wonderful people who helped us set up know exactly where to put what.

Decorations Organization PDF

One thing we did as we were planning our wedding was have all our decorations out in our house and just set them up the way we wanted them and then… took a photo! Then we had this photo for our helpers the day off, including our ‘day-of’ coordinator, so they knew exactly where to put everything exactly like we wanted. Easy!

Having a Google Sheet with all your decorations listed also helps you keep an inventory list of everything you’re bringing to the venue. You can check off all the things you are bringing with you as you’re leaving and also during clean up. You can also organize your decorations in different storage containers. My mother-in-law had this great idea! We got a few low-priced plastic storage containers and organized our decorations based on where it goes and for what activity. One for the cake table, centerpieces (that had multiple boxes), our sweetheart table, drink table, ceremony pieces, etc. We printed out a word doc with what its for and taped them on the side of the containers so we knew exactly where to put things. BAM!

See? Easy peasy! Hope this helps keeps your wedding planning and decorating buying a little more organized so this is just one less thing to worry about on your big day!

Thanks for tuning in this week to SJ’s Bridal Banter, friends! Catch ya next week!

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