What to Wear for your Engagement Session


One of the biggest question I get asked from the couples I’m working with is what to wear for their engagement session. And it’s a great question! Speaking from someone who has always had the hardest time picking out an outfit daily and has had panic attacks because I couldn’t decide what to wear… yeah… I get it!

Today’s SJ’s Bridal Banter is all about what to wear for your special engagement session.

First of all, take a deep breath! You’re starting to plan your engagement session and it is a SUPER exciting time for you and your fiancé! So take a moment and enjoy it!

Now, figuring out what to wear should not be so hard and you shouldn’t freak out about it. You’re going to look incredible no matter what. So don’t overthink it. :)

I always recommend couples to bring two outfits. I know, just when you thought you had an idea of your one outfit, now I’m throwing the idea of two out there! Anyway, I recommend two outfits: one for a more casual look, and one for more classy/ dressy look.

For the Ladies:

We can have you in cute jeans, booties, and a blouse. For the second outfit, a dress with a sweater (if its going to be colder) with leggings and boots, or no leggings and boots. Heck, depending on your style, you could even just wear a flannel shirt, and then a blouse as your more classy look. I’ve had ladies that also brought two different dresses. It’s that easy! You can really do whatever you want! These are your pictures!

Lets talk about Patterns. Now, if you wanted to wear something solid, like a solid white blouse, maybe have your man wear a pattern shirt or flannel. If you have a shirt or dress that has a patter on it, then I would have your man wear something solid. I always love solid gray or navy blue, or forest green shirt. If you two have a bunch of different patterns going on, it might be too much to look at and be overwhelming in the images.

You should choose outfits that represent YOU and that you are comfortable in. Don’t buy some fancy shoes just because they look cool because you’re going to have to walk a bit in them so make sure those fancy shoes are comfortable. Be sure to also bring some lipgloss if you wear it because you’re going to be doing a lot of kissing ;)


Guys are so much easier! I always recommend a flannel for the guys! And then another collard shirt as the second outfit. I’ve had guys just wear a plain white t-shirt before through the whole engagement session. I’d stick with some nice jeans. Slacks might be too fancy, but hey, if that’s more your style, then go for it! Shoes are the fun part. I wouldn’t do working boots, or running shoes, but I would do some cool Oxford shoes- brown- they go with everything and look super slick.

Also, guys, be sure to get your hair cut before your session and if you have a beard, be sure to trim it. Looking spiffy will look amazing in your images. However, if you’re the kind of guy who likes their hair grown out and a scruffy beard, then totally rock it! I’m not here to regulate what exactly what you should wear, I’m just providing suggestions.

Hope that helps with planning your engagement session! It’s going to be awesome wherever you go and whatever you wear! Promise :P

Thanks for tuning in on this week’s Bridal Banter! Catch ya next Wednesday!

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