Clark + Tiffany | The Feathers Engagement Session | Vantage, WA


Clark and Tiffany are engaged and it feels soooo good! These two are so adorable and the way Clark looks at Tiffany is just the best. We adventured over into the hills of The Feathers, a popular rock climbing area in Vantage, WA, and it rained on us the entire time. This area was just so full of character and so many places to wonder to, that I think we could have just been there all day.

Even in the rain, the gloom from the cloud covered skies, the natural colors of the rocks and the sage brush all around was the perfect pallet for Clark and Tiffany’s engagement session. When I was driving up to The Feathers, I could see tons, and I mean tons, of people camping in their tents and trailers around the rock climbing area. Clark mentioned it’s a popular climbing spot, which is why we got there at 8 o’clock in the morning, but I had no idea that many people would be there! So when I got to one of the main parking lots, I was surrpunded by people sleeping in their tents. As I was scoping out the area looking for awesome spots to take photos, I had to be super quiet so I didn’t wake anyone up!

The Feathers is also along the Columbia Basin so we got seriously the best view of the canyon right next to The Feathers. Like, it was spectacular and oh so fun capturing some epic shots there overlooking the canyon! These are some of my favorite shots as a wedding photographer!

But we had an awesome time wondering around the Feathers for a few hours and getting all cuddly in the sagebrush. Clark and Tiffany are so cute together and it was such a fun time! I can’t wait for their wedding in Quincy later this summer!

Check out their awesome rainy day desert engagement session below.

I also highly recommend checking out The Feathers rock climbing area, not only for climbing, but also for some amazing engagement photos :)