Jessica & Andrew's Proposal #HowHeAsked


On November 25th, 2018, Andrew asked Jessica to marry him… AND SHE SAID YES!! ⠀
Andrew carefully planned this proposal nestled into this perfect spot by the Spokane River. With simple decorations like a blanket, some twinkle lights, and tons of nerves piling up, Andrew got down on one knee, smiling as big as ever, and popped the question to the most amazing women. ⠀

They met through some mutual friends at church, connected with each other for the first time in the summer of 2017, and they have been together ever since. Dating for 15 months, Andrew knew he wanted to marry Jessica; even telling his parents after seeing her for a while that “there is just something about her…”⠀

Andrew has been planning to propose since the Summer of 2018. He recruited close friends and family to help set up his proposal spot. This special spot down by the river is unique to them. This space, is right where the ‘flame was ignited’ so to speak. They love floating the river during the summer and this place is where they get into the river to float. ⠀

These two are so perfect together and it was such an honor to have been included in the planning process and getting to witness these two say ‘yes’ to each other. Such an honor and I am SO stoked for these two and their future together. ⠀

Cheers, friends! Happy Engagement! 

Their proposal story was featured on Apple Brides! Check out their feature here.

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