Wedding Photography



What kinds of wedding photography packages do you have?

So I have a few different wedding packages:  8-hour, 6-hour, and 4-hour which is what I consider as my elopement package. I know that everyone’s wedding day and what coverage looks like is different for everyone, so I wanted to offer a variety of packages to fit your wedding photography needs. Additional hours are $200/hr.

About how many pictures would be included in each package?

I tend to not put a total number on how many images you’ll get because it depends on how many hours of shooting I’m doing. For up to a 6-hour wedding day, I usually deliver at minimum 500 edited images, but thats really low balling it! A typical 8-hour wedding day is 600+ edited images guaranteed.

How long does it take to get our photos after our wedding?

I usually allow about 6-8 weeks to receive your entire wedding day gallery, but I am SO excited about your pictures that I send a Sneak Peek to you with 48 hours after your wedding along with a Blog post on my website. That way you can change your profile picture and flip through some photos of your wedding while chilling together oh so romantically on your honeymoon. :)

Do you charge traveling fees?

For your wedding day, I do not charge any additional fees for traveling to your wedding in WA state. If you’re in another state, some traveling fees may apply, email me for more info :)

Could you tell me what your average wedding looks like (ie timeline, posing vs natural, etc)?

So typically, I arrive a little early to scope everything out, then start photographing the wedding details you want: the rings, the dress, shoes, decorations, venue, etc. Then I go to the first look if the couple wishes to have one before the ceremony. Depending on your wedding schedule and how you want to set it up, usually the family pictures are after the first look (with intimate bridal photos). This is where I ask for a shot list to run through all the traditional family portrait combos as quickly and smoothly as possible. Then the ceremony, a happy hour, then reception: first dance, cake, toats, and lots of candid photos of family and friends. If you wish, I also love sunset pictures! I sneak the couple away and pick out a predetermined spot where we can get more bridal shots that are gorgeous in the sunset light. Totally option, but its my favorite!

What kind of advice do you have for planning a wedding?

Oh boy! After planning my own wedding last Summer and attending many weddings as a photographer, I decided to write it all down as a quick reference in my SJ’s Bridal Banter Blog! If there is a certain topic you want me to touch on, shoot me an email!

When would I need to add a Second Shooter to my wedding day? 

It just totally depends on your wedding day details; every wedding is different! If you want to schedule your family pictures right after the ceremony, but really want pictures of people going to happy hour and hanging out during the family pictures, then you might want to consider a second shooter. If you want two different angles of your first kiss or walking down the aisle, then maybe you might want to consider a second shooter. I am 100% comfortable with shooting your wedding day alone, so it truly depends on what you specifically want with your wedding photos.

Do you do venue walk throughs?

Great question! I actually don’t do walk throughs unless the couple wants their engagement session there and we just walk through it together. Usually on a wedding day, I show up about 15-20 minuets early so I can scope out the venue and see what looks best in the light. Lighting is always changing so seeing what everything looks like the day of works best for my process.

Whats all included in your wedding packages?

I include an online downloadable gallery of high-resolution hand-picked edited images, timeline building, vendor referrals, hang sesh, and print release. I also like to include an engagement session, but travel fees may apply depending if you want me to travel across the state- it’s a case by case basis so let’s talk! Every wedding package I offer includes all the above. I also help you figure out your timeline and how much time we need for your family pictures, bridal pictures, and when a good time to have them would be depending on your wedding day details. I’ve created a welcome and timeline guide to help my couples craft their timeline while keeping some of these details in mind.

Is there a deposit that's required to book you?

Yes, I do require 25% of the total cost as a non-refundable deposit to save your date. The rest is just due 2 weeks before your wedding day. I make it so easy to book with me; I have everything online and you can even pay online so you always have documentation of everything and can relax :)

Do you deliver RAW files of the photos?

I do not send you any RAW files for a couple reasons- It’s really hard to even open those kinds of files if you don’t have the right software, and I’d hope you’d be hiring me and trusting me to be your wedding photographer for not only my photography skills but also for my editing skills, expertise in editing, and for my final touches on the photos so you look your best in every shot. :)

Do we have to decide which package we want right away?

Absolutely not! You have plenty of time to decide how many hours you want covered for photography and can always change your mind. When we were planning our wedding, I originally had a 7-hour coverage package, but as we got closer to the date and I was getting our schedule outlined, I realized that I wanted more coverage so I upgraded our total hour package. Usually I will send a contract with the amount of hours you are desiring and if you find you want more or less coverage, I can simply update the contract and the price. If during the actual wedding day, things take longer to get done and you want me to stay longer, no problem! I can send an invoice later with the additional hourly cost.

Do we have to order prints, albums, or anything printed through you?

Absolutely not! I offer a print set gift that I print for you as a present right after you get married, but that's it. These are your photos just as much as they are mine and you have free reign to print, share, post, all the photos to your heart’s content. I can certainly help you putting together a book if you need me to, but you can do whatever your heart desires! The online downloadable gallery of all your pictures I send to you, through PASS PLUS, also offers a print ordering system for all kinds of goods to be delivered to you directly at a great price.

What all is required for you on a typical wedding day?

I love being able to have a wedding day schedule! I also ask all my couples to create a “Shot List” where they list out all the possible combinations of friends, family members, and wedding party that they want pictures of. That way, when going through all the family portraits part of the day, it's quickly done and organized!

Can you help us with posing?

Umm yeah!! That's my job :) My whole thing is to put you in a pose at first and then see where you fall into it. I capture moments that breathe your personality the best so to me, I find that in the ‘in-between’ shots (at least that's what I call them). Whenever you pose, and then fall into a more comfortable pose, then giggle a little, that's where the magic happens. I want to make you feel as comfortable as possible so you can totally shoot down any pose ideas I suggest during a session. Even if you’re camera shy, don’t worry, I got you! I’ll help make you feel comfortable, and easy going, and have a great time.


Engagement Session FAQ


What do I wear to the engagement session?

Probably the biggest question I get asked! So, I wrote a SJ’s Bridal Banter post specifically for this question. I recommend wearing something that really speaks who you are, but also keeps you super comfy because if we’re hiking or walking a lot, that might be something to think about. Check out my thoughts on what to wear here. 

What is all included/ entailed in the engagement session?

A typical engagement session lasts about 1.5-2 hours; but i’ve had sessions that last over 3 hours because we are hiking an awesome trail at Mt. Rainier lol I recommend a couple different outfits for your session: one more classy and one more casual. And we can do a couple different locations if you’d like in that timeframe; for example: if we were in Spokane, we could stop at the downtown area for some cute coffee date shots, walking around downtown, and then go to a park for a more nature setting; seriously wherever you’d like! 

How soon do we get the pictures? We want to use some for our Save the Date cards!

I usually do a sneak peek gallery a couple days after your engagement session. If I have a wedding or other sessions, I try to get the sneak peek to you as soon as possible. But you’ll get all of them within 7-10 business days. 

Where can we go for our session?

We can seriously go anywhere you’d like! If there is a special spot you two love to be at together, lets go there! If you want multiple locations, let’s hit them all! Anywhere that is special to you two, somewhere you’ve always dreamed of getting pictures done at, let’s have an adventure! 

Do you charge extra travel for this?

I used to not charge for traveling, but then I was traveling constantly and loosing money in the end, so I don’t charge for traveling for your wedding, however if you want your engagement session in Bellingham and I live in Yakima, that’s a 4.5 hour drive, so I have to account for my time traveling, gas, etc. So now I only charge a flat rate for long distance engagement sessions. It’s really on a case by case basis- so totally email me for options and we can work something out.

How much do you charge if we just wanted an Engagement session?

If you’re just interested in an engagement session and not booking me as your wedding photographer- that’s total okay! I charge $400 (plus tax) for engagement sessions.

What all should we bring to our engagement session? 

I recommend at least two outfits. I also encourage you to bring something that will make your session feel like a date. Weather that’s beer and cookies for a picnic, popcorn, matching jerseys, anything that make’s you two feel comfortable and like we’re just chilling on a date.


General Photography



What kind of photography do you do?

I mostly focus on Wedding photography, but always love capturing family portraits, fur-tography for your puppies and kitties, maternity, and senior portraits. All my past sessions can be found on my Portfolio.

How long have you been a wedding photographer?

I have been a wedding photographer for about 5 years. I was working at my corporate job and using every vacation day, sick day, and days off for sessions and weddings. I finally had enough juggling and stress with that, that I finally quit my corporate job in May 2018 and became officially a full time wedding photographer. Woohoo!

What if it rains?

We then have a couple options. We could always reschedule if you wanted, or we could go for it, maybe get a little wet, and embrace the PNW rain. I always bring some cute clear umbrellas to help so we can always take a couple really quick without the umbrellas, and then quickly cover you again. I also bring little rain coats for my backpack and camera so nothing get ruined.

Do you do newborn pictures?

Unfortunately, I do not do newborn photography at this time. I do offer family sessions, though!

What kind of equipment do you use?

I have two main cameras, both Mark IV 5D and a Mark IV 5D’s that I use for every wedding. I have multiple lenses that are my basic prime lenses and also zoom telephoto lenses so I can get close up shots of you at the altar without actually being in your bubble.

All your wedding and engagement photos are backed up in 3 places: 2 physical hard drives and the cloud through a reliable program I use. So if, god forbid, something happens to your desktop after a move or something and you loose all your wedding photos that you downloaded, don’t worry, I GOT YOU!

For indoors, I also have a portable flash that I bring out for those awesome dancing shots and if needed in a super dark venue.

Where are you located and do you travel?

So I am currently based in Yakima, WA which is awesome because I am able to travel all over Washington State and into Oregon as well. It’s a super central location that allows me to travel anywhere. I shoot weddings literally all over the state: Bellingham, Spokane, Kirkland, Seattle, Yakima, Cle Elum, Snoqualmie, Orcas Island, seriously- I’m all over WA.


Personal FAQ 


What is your favorite part about wedding photography?

I absolutely am deeply in love with every single wedding I get to attend and photograph. However, my favorite part about being a wedding photographer is getting to capture the couple alone. The day is all about them so being able to document their love on a whole other intimate way alone in an orchard or vineyard during the reception is my favorite part. And if it’s during Golden Hour- HECK YES! It gives the couple time to breathe each other in, and embrace their love in the moment. It’s really a special time and I not only love capturing that moment, but also giving my couples that time to ‘let it all sink in’.

What is your favorite movie?

It’s honestly between Les Mis and Phantom of the Opera. I love love love musicals!

Do you have a favorite type of music?

YES! I used to work in the music industry for 6 years, so I mostly love indie bands (some you’ve probably not heard of but are awesome), but overall, I will always love my boys from San Diego, Switchfoot. I own every album, know every song by heart, and will always pre-order their new projects. Fun story, I went to Creation Festival when I turned 16 and I met them for the first time; I actually forgot my name. Jon Foreman, the lead singer, asked me my name and I totally spaced!!! I was so starstruck by them that it literally took me a hot second. Ha!


Ready to make things official? I can’t wait to hear from you!