The artist is not someone who creates beauty, but someone who looks for it.
— Jon Foreman
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{Images of me captured by the ledgendary Kamrin Olavarria}


Hey hey! My name is Sarah Jane and I am in love with the smell of rain and coffee in the morning, puppy paws, and musicals. I’m a Wedding, Elopement, and Engagement photographer in the gorgeous Washington State and am obsessed with adventure. 

Whether you’re planning a huge wedding or a smaller, intimate one in your backyard, I’m always super organized and my goal is to keep everyone on schedule and relaxed, so you can enjoy your wedding day without worry. My plan for every wedding day is that you’re present throughout your day, soaking in each beautiful moment, while I’m being what I like to call a "ninja photographer" (sneaking in a shot while no one is looking while quickly busting a dance move…yup!), capturing moments you might forget so you can relive them with your personalized gallery for many years to come. 

There are so many stressful things about weddings, with both planning and the day itself, but photography won’t be one of them with me. Coming from a background in communications, I make sure everyone is on the same page, your photography vision is organized, and you flat out enjoy your big day. 

I'm based in Yakima, WA but travel all over Washington State for weddings, engagements, and adventures.

Sound good? Cool. Let’s chat about your wedding day vision! 

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Fun Facts: 

1) I'm married to my best friend and love of my life, Matt. This year is actually our 1 year wedding anniversary so we're stoked about that! We've been together for 4 years now and he's still really hot. 


2) I name pretty much everything I own; my main camera is named Oliver, second camera is Wilbur, my car is a Ford Fiesta so of course his name is Fernando, and the craziness keeps going! Not sure where these names came from, but I really like old man names, so I typically pick a name that's old but cool. 


3) Musicals are my THING! I absolutely love watching musicals and even seeing them on stage. My new favorite musical is The Greatest Showman, but I'll always love Les Mis and Phantom of the Opera. I seriously sing the lines of each movie when shooting, editing, and basically all of the time. Sorry, husband!