What's In My Camera Bag


I’ve been getting lots of questions about what all I bring to weddings in regards to gear, so today on the Banter, I’m sharing what exactly is in my camera backpack and my ONA bag. 

I always tell my amazing couples that I have backup gear on standby incase anything happens (heaven forbid) just to give them peace of mind, but I hope this helps any up and coming wedding photographers know what you might need for a full on wedding. 

Alright, let’s start with the basics: 

2 Mark III Camera Bodies 

I use two cameras for most of the wedding day. I wear them on my harness all day, but change out the lens if I need to. I love the Mark III bodies more than the Mark II bodies; I have a Mark II as a back up camera, but I try really hard not to use it because the tones and tints that the camera just has is not in my style and it always makes it a little hard to edit if the photos are indoor. 

1 Mark II Camera Backup body. 

This is my back up camera I keep in the car, I also have a Canon Rebel T3I juuuuuust in case everything goes to hell lol 

6 Canon Batteries 

Oh my goodness, batteries are your life source so I always have 6 fully charged batteries on hand. I charge them all the night before so everything is all set. So if I’m using my two main cameras most of the day, they have the first two batteries to start, then two more each in case they need more batteries.

CF & SD Cards

I have seriously a TON of CF and SD Cards for wedding days, but I’ve found that these work the best: I typically fill 1 CF card of 120 GB on my main camera, and then I keep the 64 GB CF in my second camera. Both have a 64 GB SD card in both to back up all the raw images. But I always keep about 4-5 more CF’s and SD cards in my bag just in case. I like to over-prepare, because you really never know what might go down. 

Camera Backpack

I have been through a ton of different backpacks to see what works for me the best on a wedding day and even an engagement session. I have bought bags on Amazon, at Best buy, you name it, but I have finally found the best backpack to use. It’s called the Everyday BackPack from Peak Design. It is SO accessible and can store literally everything. It’s so easy to just grab your camera from the bag and start shooting. It even has protective locks on the zips for the zippers so no one can break in if you’re shooting. It’s so comfortable too! Definitely worth the investment! 

Click here to get your Peak Design Bag! 


So over the years of being a wedding photographer, I finally realize that I need a little bag that can store some things I might need at any notice. Most of the time, I put my camera backpack over by the DJ table (or somewhere safe in the venue) and go shoot. But I finally found the best way to have some important things with me as I’m out shooting when I leave my backpack down. This little ONA bag stores my memory cards, my batteries, my flash, my iPhone, some snacks for me, my car keys, chapstick, TUMS for the bride, scissors, ibuprofen, my shot list and wedding schedule. It’s amazing how more efficient I feel when I don’t have to run back to my backpack and grab a battery. I have it right in my kangaroo pouch and I love it so much. It’s light enough and holds a ton for me :) 

Click here to get your adorable ONA bag. 

Holdfast Gear: Moneymaker 

I cannot stress enough how awesome this tool is. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t use this awesome harness for weddings because it’s so AMAZING. I love having my hands free to fix the bride’s hair if I need to, eat, adjust anything I need to, and not worry about my cameras running way or falling. This moneymaker is seriously the best thing ever and I highly encourage every wedding photographer to have a harness for their babies (cameras). 

Click here to get your Moneymaker. 

Now for my Lenses: 

35mm 1.2/ f Prime Lens 

I use this lens about 90% of the time for weddings, engagements, portraits, everything. It’s, to me, my perfect lens that captures everything at the best quality. 

50mm 1.4/f Prime Lens

I mainly use this as a back up basic lens, but I am falling in love with it for portraits. 

85mm 1.2/ f Telephoto Prime Lens

Love love love this telephoto lens!

135mm 1.2/f Zoom Prime Lens

Love this gorgeous lens for close up shots at the ceremony or at the reception. Getting Candids is so gorgeous on this lens! 

Canon Speedlite 430EXII Flash

Love this flash and it’s power!! Check it out on Amazon here.

So there you have it folks, all my gear that I bring with me on a wedding day! Hope this helps any photographers know what to bring on a typical wedding day! 

Love you guys! See you next week! 

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