Wedding Photography Advertising on The Knot & Wedding Wire: What you need to know


Hey, friends! Today on the Banter, we’re chatting about what it’s like to advertising on The Knot and Wedding Wire as a wedding photographer. I’ve been getting tons of questions about it from photographers who are strongly considering joining the bandwagon and getting on these sites. Now, it was recently announced that The Knot and Wedding Wire will be merging, they now have the same owner, but they will be keeping their own websites at this time. So anyway, we’ll see what happens with that but for now, we’ll chat today about the current state of things. Keep in mind that getting your business on these sites is going to be quite the investment, but trust me, its totally worth it. 

When I was starting my business, I was told to jump on these sites to get my name out there. And let me tell you, it was like turning on a light switch. SO many inquiries were flooding in, people seeing my name, my website was in more places, and it was amazing! Now I was fully booked for 2018 and now 2019 is 2 weddings away from being fully booked as well. 

Yes, it is a lot of money to invest in getting on these sites, but if you book just 1 wedding from each, you’ve paid for it. It’s totally worth it and it will only help your business. 

Pros for getting on these sites: 

  1. It’s another avenue to get inquiries. These sites are wedding planning giants and if you’re on these sites, chances are that couples who are planning their wedding will see your information and could contact you. Couples can contact you and request a quote from there so it’s all in one place. 

  2. It increases you SEO like CRAZY! Just having your website, your name, contact info, etc on these two giant websites allowed your information to be more weighted and come up more in Google searches. Your website SEO drives up a ton and more people will see your website. Even if you don’t get people inquiring through the message system within the sites, they will go to your website and message you there. Trust me! 

  3. Another place to show your work. Getting your images out there is key and showing people your style, your view, your passion, its all helping your business. So on these sites, you can share as many photos as you want to show off your passion. 

  4. You can offer sales on the page and inform anyone who is looking into hiring you that you have a sale going on. 

  5. There are options to being a Spotlight Ad (about double the cost in subscription) but your info is on every search page and more people see your stuff more often then a regular subscription. 

  6. You can ask for reviews! I always ask my couples to review me after I deliver their complete wedding gallery. I usually send the Wedding Wire review link (they have customized for you) and then take those reviews and put them on my website and social media for more people to see what my clients are saying about me. It’s super easy. 

  7. Reviews help the amount you pay for your renewal. So Wedding Wire has this system when you get reviews, they put a credit ($10 per review) toward your renewal. So if you do a lot of weddings and people give you reviews a lot, you could potentially get your subscription for free or at least mega discounted. So they want you to succeed and make being on their site worth it. 

Some Cons to being on the sites: 

  1. It is a year subscription so you’re locked into the contract for a whole year. Some people might find that scary or not wanting to take the plunge. I was scared for a while but realized that it would pay for itself and be helpful for my business. 

  2. Reviews! So on The Knot, clients have to have an account in order to provide reviews. Some couples don’t like the idea of putting their information in the database (and want to prevent getting emails from them constantly) just to leave a review, so it’s a little harder to get reviews on The Knot. Hopefully with this merger they don’t do that for Wedding Wire because on that site, you don’t have to have an account to leave a review. However, if people found you and booked you on The Knot, I would give them the opportunity to leave a review on the site they found you on. 

  3. Leaving messages: sometimes clients can message you once for a quote, but if you respond, they have to create an account to reply. Kind of like Thumbtack, you can send quotes, but if they wanted to communicate more with you, they couldn’t without making an account. Its annoying, but a lot of couples have those The Knot Wedding Planner Apps now so they already have an account when searching for you, so sometimes it works out. Just something to keep in mind. 

So those are about the best pros and cons I could come up with for being on these two sites. I have been on them both since February 2018 and they already paid for themselves within a couple months. It is so helpful for your business and even though it’s scary to invest so much in these sites, it helps you a ton. This year I was focused to getting my name out there and I was officially on my own, away from my corporate job, doing my passion, so I didn’t even have a ton of couples waiting to book me at the time I joined. But I knew that it would pay for itself and my name would get out there quicker- and it did! I’m thankful for these sites and who knows, maybe I wont need them next year. Lol jk, but seriously. 

Hope that helps any wedding photographer who is looking into getting their name out there and getting on these sites. It’s scary, but scared money don’t make money! (as said from the Hustle and Flow workshop lol) 

Happy Bridal Banter, friends! 

Sarah Jane BrownComment