Shay & Ebb's Deception Pass Wedding Day


8.24.18 | Deception Pass | Anacortes, WA

Shay & Ebb tied the knot on an epic ledge overlooking Deception Pass in Anacortes, WA. With only their amazing family surrounding them, these two lovebirds exchanged their original vows in the most gorgeous and romantic spot. 

Their wedding day was simple and oh so beautiful. They had a sweet ceremony up on an epic ledge and then followed by an intimate cake eating mini reception before heading out. The details that Shay put together was carefully picked out was absolutely stunning. This sexy couple are so in love with the PNW that they specifically picked out this ledge to get married at and create epic wedding day memories. It was SO amazing! 

Check out their epic wedding day below:

Shay&Ebb-Sneak Peek-BLOG-1.jpg
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Photographer: Works by Sarah Jane Photography 

Venue: Rosario Beach | Deception Pass | Anacortes, WA

Wedding Gown: Marcella's Bridal in Spokane, WA

Bridal Accessories: Khol's, Nordstrom's, Etsy, etc.

Florals: Shay, the Bride

Catering: Majestic Inn for Reception Dinner

Chair Rentals: Chairs from Pacific Party Canopy